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August 29, 2010

Travel budget: How to save money on vacation

Family vacations are relaxing, being away from home and work, having fun and trying new adventures in great vacation destinations. However, it can be hard on the budget, as a two-week vacation can cost you an average of $2,500 on food and lodging alone. Saving money while on vacation and planning your travel budget before you go can be beneficial for you.

1. Save money on accommodation and transportation

Saving money while planning a vacation starts with hotels and airfares. Try to find an airfare package deal with hotel and car rentals. You could search for last minute cheap airline and hotel deals online. If you are flexible with your vacation dates, you will be able to find cheaper hotel and travel deals during certain times of the year than others. Many hotels and car rentals give discounts to members of associations such as AAA and AARP.

If you are driving, take a vehicle, which has good gas mileage. Also check your car for repairs before you go. Your options while on the road may be few, if something goes wrong. Moreover, it is cheaper to have a repair done by your local shop. Buy gas from the less expensive stations since gas prices vary within a 50-mile radius.

Consider buying a timeshare if you frequently visit places like Orlando, Florida. You will also get numerous discount coupons and complimentary gifts along with the timeshare purchase.

Another affordable type of vacation spot is an old-fashioned family camp which may cost as little as $1,200 a week.

In cities, parking lots associated with major attractions may be expensive. You can save on parking expenses by walking a few blocks. It is also an opportunity to check the new environment and spend some extra calories.

2. Save money on food

Pack some of your favorite snacks, as roadside joints don’t offer cheap or nutritional snacks. Especially, from my experience I could say that, food from airport food stands are often overpriced. While driving, get off the highway and buy food from a local diner or family-style restaurant, which may be cheaper. Clip coupons for fast food joints and use them as needed.You can try to get a hotel with a fridge so that you can buy your own food and store them.

Another way to save money is to buy a CityPass which allows you to explore hot spots in cities such as Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, New York, Philadelphia, and Atlanta for a flat fee.

Plan for your trip by setting a travel budget before you go and spend money wisely while on vacation.

Travel safe and have fun.

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