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August 21, 2010

How to survive the green line in Boston

Many say there is no way to survive the Green Line of the MBTA or the “T” as we call it here in The Hub (Boston). It’s the most complicated, it takes much longer than other lines, and it is packed with college students. Some would say this article could be over by just stating that the way to survive the Green line is to not live on it or near it.

The truth is, though, there are ways to survive it and even some bonuses along the way. Here are the Top 5 Tips & Hints.

5. Travel during off-peak times. Okay, so this isn’t always possible, especially if you are a young professional living in Allston because you can actually afford to only have to live with two other people way out there. You need to be to work at 9 and get to come home at 5. But, you should be working harder than that if you are a new professional. Get to the office earlier! Find a volunteer gig after work so you can come home later! This way, very train that passes you won’t be so chock full that the doors open and the only space is big enough for your left foot, but nothing else. Ever wonder if some people would really like to get off but just can’t because they are squished in the middle of a car? Yeah. Me, too.

4. Live on any line except the B. This is just simple fact. The B Line is the worst. It is the longest, the slowest and has four thousand stops. The BU and BC students dominate this line, which is fine, but regular people should just not have to deal with this. On a bonus note: Apparently, one can surf the web along the B Line because there are so many hot spots all along Comm Ave, so pack your laptop.

3. Make sure you are on the right letter and that you know where the lines diverge. Once, when I was a brash and overly confident first-year college student, I (and a few of my new friends) told a whole group of tourists that they could take any letter they wanted to get to Kenmore. Not so. Those poor people probably boarded the next E Line train and ended up in Mission Hill in 1991, completely confused. Bonus: Lots of the green line actually run quite close to each other “as the crow flies”. You could hop the C and get off at St. Mary’s and get to the Landmark Center just as quickly as if you’d waited the extra few minutes for a D to Fenway. Same goes for the D and E for Longwood and Brookline Village/Heath Street. These tricks are especially good to know on days when a whole letter is shut down because of an accident or a power outage or whatever else has befallen the T that day.

2. One very good way to keep in good spirits as you move along your slow Green Line journey is to remind yourself that it is conventional wisdom in Boston that the Green Line is safer than the other lines. Not sure if this is true or not, but you could use it as a survival mechanism.

And finally, the Number 1 Way to Survive the Green Line in Boston

1. Bring reading material, an iPod, or spend your time checking out all the cute people on the T. Bonus that you can catch up on reading, download a movie and watch it on your iPod, and remember, potential dates are everywhere, especially if you are bumping up against their armpit for 32 minutes!

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